Who is Romeo Falcon? What is Geek Life? And what is the Geeks and Wrestling podcast all about?

Romeo Falcon is a professional wrestler that started his humble beginnings in Denver, Colorado in 2008. But a conversation with his tattoo about pro wrestling is what started it all.  Well  low and behold, his tattoo artists then boyfriend was a pro wrestler for a local promotion called IWF. His name was John “Justice” Fabbricatore and he trained at the IWF training school called the Butcher Shop. Justice offered his hand in bringing Romeo to the school and being the first to help train him. Romeo walked into the school weighing in at 150 pounds and was perceived at first by the schools trainers as a crash test dummy. But after weeks of being exactly that of a crash test dummy to veterans of the business, it was becoming clear that Romeo had what others lacked. HEART! Trainers of the Butcher Shop, Noble “Bronx” Curtis and Joe “Prodigee” McDougal took notice of Romeo and then started to “package” him as a heel manager for one of the IWF wrestlers.  The managerial role fit Romeo perfectly in his beginnings.  It helped his mic skills and how work on the fly in front of a crowd.  But during his first year of training, his first major injury sidelined him from in ring training and a future wrestling debut in IWF. This injury however would not deter his plans in becoming an in ring competitor. Instead he capitalized on the injury and milked the injury to elevate his heel status with the fans. After he healed from his injury and his name well established in IWF and in the then sister company Primos wrestling, he wrestled numerous dark matches or got squashed for more of their veteran talent. This was all in paying your dues in the business. Paying dues is what lead Romeo to wrestle all across Colorado, Texas, Utah, New Mexico and Kansas. Romeo eventually moved to Houston, Texas and continued his wrestling career in the state where he was born. Romeo wrestled for various promotions in the south Texas area including, Hurricane Pro Wrestling, TASW and Booker T’s Realty of Wrestling. All of this experience has lead him to tryouts with TNA wrestling and ROH wrestling.  He is still wrestling across Texas and still accepting booking wherever he can get them.

What is Geek Life? Tupac had Thug Life. Why cant a generation of Geeks have their own lifestyle.  Geek Life is exactly that; a lifestyle. Geek Life is how Romeo Falcon lives his life. Comics, cartoons and fantasy are all things that maybe some people outgrow into their teen years. Well some of us never outgrow it. Some of us embrace it and never let go. Romeo is one of those people that never let go. Comics seemed to get more exciting and fantasy started to blur into reality. Being a geek is what some of us were called when being criticized or bullied. Now the word geek is a million dollar status. Look at geeks like Kevin Smith, Jason David Frank or  Darryl “DMC” McDaniels. All these individuals took a passion or love for this lifestyle and are now wearing this status as a badge of honor. Romeo Falcon has taken this lifestyle and molded it into his wrestling career. If Stone Cold Steve Austin can be the a tough redneck turned up to a thousand, than the geeky kid that has a love for comic books is Romeo Falcon turned up to a thousand. This has been fully on display in his wrestling gear and everyday portrayal of the Romeo Falcon brand.

This status is what has lead him to creating this website and creating a podcast. So what is the Geeks and Wrestling podcast all about?  The podcast world has blown up in the past decade. Pioneers like Colt Cabana and Kevin Smith have been apart of the podcast wave since the beginning.  And in this podcast boom multiple podcasts are being produced covering all geeky content, pop culture and pro wrestling. But Romeo researched podcasts and listened to what types of content was being produced. Many podcasts only covered mainstream wrestling. WWE, TNA and ROH telivison seemed to be a hot topic. But this kind of content seems over saturated. This also pertained to comics and pop culture podcasts. But an idea for a podcast that covered independent wrestling and geek life began. Independent wrestlers now have a platform to talk about their story. Guests have a chance to talk about their wrestling career and where they are wrestling.  This is also a podcast to stay current on comics, movies and many other geeky things happening in the world. Geeks and Wrestling is a podcast that blends the two world together for an hour. This podcast gives you an opportunity to learn about independent wrestling from the mouth of wrestlers that live independent wrestling. This podcast will also keep you informed about Geek Life. And you may just have a few LOL moments while listening.

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